Karma is a reflection of your performance on Podiff community. A better Karma not only establishes trust among fellow Podiff users but also bring along some benefits. Some of the direct benefits of a good Karma score is mentioned below:

  1. A minimum of 100 Karma points is required to set up a ‘Profile Link’ next to your profile image.
  2. Every user gets a quota of 100 “Back-Link". As you keep improving Karma you get more Back-Link when you are hitting low on back-links. Know more about Back-Links
  3. A part of Karma is used to calculate what is popular and trending on Podiff. While it is not directly associated with your previous Karma score, but a good previous Karma score will put more weight on your PODs increasing its chances to ‘Trend’.
  4. Although no conclusive decisions are made over this but if in future we decide to let user monetize their accounts, Karma will be the basis for choosing accounts which could be monetized.

While detail Karma calculation and algorithm is not in the scope of this article but a brief outline is provided as to what comprises a Karma.

Karma is based on two prominent elements:

  • Contributions
  • Activity
  • Karma Score{K} = [Value POD{V} + Score CFF{S}] X Weight {W}

    Activity W{1:5}: {Tick, Share, Upvote, For}

    The W is unevenly distributed over these activity elements and is further broken down into sub weight and further more into delta weights.



    ‘S’ is calculated through an algorithm based on {Comment, Followers, Following} and {User Activity} related to these three element together called as [CFF]. Please note: S is not directly related to number of comments, followers or following although a higher number of these can result in better chances of improving {S}.

    Value POD {V}

    {V} is one of the critical elements which is evaluated using the following:

    • POD quality score
    • POD performance score
    • Time decay method

    To simplify things, a good POD which gets a better response among user and other social media in the least possible time will have a high

    Also to note, the value never decays and keeps on incrementing for the complete lifetime of a POD.

    Deleting any POD will not reduce your Karma points as it is the last value which is added to the Karma.